These course is about unleashing the power of execution in oneself by providing action oriented tips and techniques.

This course is about unleashing the power of one course "Execution". Ideas don't work till we start working. This course is about learning how to do what we intend to do. The first step. And it is about making that step right. It is about making that step in the right direction. 

The highlights of this course are :

1) Market Research - to find out the gap to fill.

2) Strategic Thinking - to find out what flaws can occur and how it can be resolved.

3) Partnership - to find out who to partner with and how much deep partnership to be made.

4) Execution - to put the actual step on floor to complete within a timeline

5) Educating execution - to find out the after steps of execution.

A must course for "How to do, what to do". 

Eligibility Criteria : Students of this course must have a dream to fulfill.

Intended Audience: #students, #teachers

What's included

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion